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Steve has been passing on his skills and knowledge for over 15 years and can provide either juggling or improvisation workshops.

The art of juggling and improv have been proven to be two activities that literally rewires and enhances your brain and is great for groups large and small.

Juggling & Circus

Juggling has been proven to be one of the most neuroplastic things we can do. Practicing juggling literally rewires your nervous system improving focus, coordination, and teaching vital learning to learn skills.

Steve’s techniques not only teach how to juggle but how to work with your mind to find the focus, space and creativity that juggling fosters.

Close-up Magic

Contact Juggling

The subtle art of contact juggling takes years to master but with Steve’s expert subversion you can get started in a day.

Contact juggling teaches intense focus and body awareness. Steve teaches contact juggling privately or in small groups.

Contact Juggling


Improv is about giving voice to your ideas without fear of failure, and trusting your team mates to back you up not matter what the circumstances.

Improvisation has proven benefits for everyone from the boardroom to the classroom.

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